Piping and Fittings


Ensure the integrity of the piping projects you execute by working with G-Cristal. Process piping is essential to process plants. The piping system must be designed with care and precision. Highly valuable and volatile liquids and gasses are transported for long distances using pipes. Industrial complexes need pipes to carry out important processes. Are your piping systems efficient? We can set up an efficient and safe piping system for you. We offer:

Piping design: We create a piping design for you. We intelligently design a piping process that regulates and detects the flow rate, load, pressure and temperature of the gas or fluid you are transmitting. We also ensure the materials and piping layout suit the unique needs of your facility.

Piping Construction: Our team of competent piping engineers and designers oversee the process of constructing piping systems for your facility. We pay attention to detail knowing the importance of a good piping system to your business. We even help you get the best offer of quality materials and see to the success of your project.

Piping tests: We carry out tests to ascertain the integrity of the piping system and find out possible hidden faults in the system. We carry out pressure tests, acid wash, hydro tests, system clean out, detergent flush and other needed procedures to confirm the quality of the system.
By working with us:

  1. You ensure the safety of your staff:
    A failure or mediocre design or failure in the piping process can be a threat to the lives of your workers. We ensure the pipes and fittings are of durable and peak quality. Where applicable we carry out pressure tests, caustic wash to remove contaminants, acid wash, hydro tests, an inspection of all piping and fittings among other processes.
  2. You maintain excellent piping systems:
    G-Cristal provides expert oversight during the construction of piping systems. Our engineers help to ensure your piping projects meet up with the industry standards and are built to be efficient and long-lasting.
  3. You get the best deals in the market:
    We put our networks to work for you. We get you the best deals using our relationships in the industry to ensure you get the best value for your money.
  4. You avoid unnecessary future costs:
    When your piping systems are strong and efficient you get a good return on your investment and avoid costs incurred by installing new pipes and repairing piping system failures.