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Thorne International Boiler Services Ltd designs and builds fire tube, waste heat and water tube boilers to suit your project specifications. Whatever the application, Thorne draws on a wealth of practical experience and technical knowledge to deliver bespoke steam and hot water boilers.

About TIBS

Formed in 1973, Thorne International Boiler Services Limited offers specialist boiler design, skilled site labour, boiler repairs and commissioning services globally. Her services have expanded to cover all aspects of steam related plant including supply of parts. Having a record of services in the Middle East, Africa, the Far East, Europe and the Americas, TIBS workforce can adapt optimally in various contexts.


GLOBAL COVERAGE: With experience in over 50 countries, there is no location remote or too difficult for consideration. TIBS will be certain to help wherever you are in the world and in whatever make or type of plant.

QUALIFIED AND COMPETENT PERSONNEL: TIBS is staffed by engineers with considerable experience in all aspects of steam plant which allow our company to offer a comprehensive portfolio of services. You can be sure of being attended to by qualified and competent hands who keep to the required standards of the industry.

COMPREHENSIVE RANGE OF SERVICES: TIBS offers a complete and comprehensive range of services for industrial steam and hot water boilers. Whatever make or type of boiler, TIBS offers repairs, maintenance, spares, complete refurbishment or even re-design and modification of existing boilers.

EXPERIENCED AND ADAPTABLE WORKFORCE: Her rotating service engineers have carried out major works around the world on oil refineries, chemical plants, fertilizer complexes, sugar factories, food factories, manufacturing plants, offshore and various other industrial sites. TIBS service engineers often work under extreme and demanding conditions to obtain fast results and save our customers loss of precious production time and schedules.

VETERAN SUPPLIER OF PARTS: TIBS has a vast experience of supplying replacement parts and spares for many different types of locomotives around the world. The replacement parts can be fabricated from drawings supplied by a customer or from an example of the existing elements. We regularly supply elements with swaged ends, special castings, flue tubes and super heater elements for locomotives around the world.

EXPERIENCE IN MONITORING AND CONTROL: TIBS has years of practical experience in being able to solve your monitoring and control problems. TIBS will help you control, monitor and record variables on your plant. She provides excellent pneumatic and electronic instrumentation including: Pressure Gauges, Control Valves, Damper Actuators, Primary flow devices, Temperature, Pressure flow and Level sensors, Controllers and Recorders.

We are partners with Berthold Technologies in Nigeria, providing high level measurement gauges used to monitor or measure ranges, ranging from a few millimeters up to several dozen meters. Based on the radiometric principle, our level gauges are reliably operated under extreme conditions. The measurement is carried out irrespective of the material temperature, pressures or chemical properties of the measured material.

When you work with unsealed radioactive materials it generates potential contamination of surfaces. Berthold’s highly specialized and sensitive instruments provide early warnings of the presence of surface contamination and help to prevent inadvertent transfer of radioactivity. Contamination monitoring has been one of her core competences.

Dose and dose rates concepts were defined in order to quantify the effects of ionizing radiation to human beings. In the routine of radiation protection on sites or in laboratories, where radiation fields could exist, Berthold offers individual monitoring and/or area monitoring as required. Berthold provides several products for area monitoring in gamma and neutron radiation fields. Our product specialists are available always with their support for special applications.

Radiation Detection and Monitoring:

Activity is a measure of the amount of radionuclide(s) in a material emitting ionizing radiation. Activities in samples are measured in Becquerel. Berthold offers several instruments for alpha-beta or gamma counting; especially for environmental samples or wipe tests for low or even very low detection limits required.

Monitoring of airborne radioactivity is yet another area of her core competences and has specialized in monitoring of particulates, iodine, noble gases and tritium. Her experts provide special solutions to match the specific requirements of the application on site and also offer room air monitoring, stack monitoring and also ranges to water monitors.

Radiation Data Acquisition and Processing:

Berthold Technologies provide several data acquisition and processing systems as well as software equipment which could be used for a variety of measuring applications in all scopes of radiation protection and measurement techniques.

Additionally, is her years of experience in the provision several probes and sensors for various radiation protection applications. These products cover a wide range of radiation levels or energy ranges.

The Berthold Advantage:

Berthold’s knowledge and experience in physics and in the techniques of highly sensitive detection of light, nuclear radiation and microwave frequencies, together with the use of modern electronics and software, has allowed her to maintain an excellent and longstanding reputation as a competent partner in solving diverse and difficult measurement problems, and as a supplier of innovative and up-to-date instruments of the highest quality and reliability. To be on such a high level of knowledge and experience, more than 10 % of sales revenues are spent on research and development, assisted by close ties with several European universities and research institutes in Germany and abroad.